Amber Science - Manufacturer of Conductivity Instruments

Amber Science - Manufacturer of Conductivity Instruments, Cells and Calibration Solutions
Effective September 30, 2016 Amber Science, Inc. has closed our doors and ended manufacturing of products. It has been a very difficult decision to make to dissolve the business and was made after the passing of our Founder. We want to Thank all of our Customers and Suppliers for their support over the past 40 years.

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Amber Science - Celebrating 40 Years 1976 - 2016

Measurement Parameters:
    Conductivity     Resistivity     High Purity Water     Salinity     T.D.S.     Temperature

Conductivity is the ability of a substance to conduct electric current. Conductivity instruments offer a fast and inexpensive means for measuring Electrical Conductivity (EC) and are used in a wide range of industries and research. To learn more about conductivity please click here.

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