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Conductivity Calibration Solutions

Conductivity Calibration Solutions

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Five Standard Reference Solutions Available:
74.7 micro-mho/cm (µS/cm)
718 micro-mho/cm (µS/cm)
1,409 micro-mho/cm (µS/cm)
6,660 micro-mho/cm (µS/cm)
58,700 micro-mho/cm (µS/cm)
All solutions referenced at 25.0°C

Calibration solutions are manufactured with Analytical Reagent Grade Potassium Chloride [K C l] and high purity water.  Choose a Standard close to the range of expected measurements and calibrate the conductivity instrument with the cell on a routine basis.   All standard reference solutions include a Certificate of Conformance with shipment.  Solutions have a shelf life up to one year from date of manufacture.  Lot number and manufacture date are listed on the label.

Please Note
Calibration Solution may freeze in transit during winter months.
Allow to thaw at room temperature and shake prior to use.

Download SDS (Adobe Reader Required)
74.7µS SDS
718 µS SDS
1,409 µS SDS
6,660 µS SDS
58,700 µS SDS