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Model 2053 Digital Conductivity Meter

Model 2053 Digital Conductivity Meter
The Model 2053 digital conductivity meter is a portable battery operated instrument, which will measure four ranges of conductivity from 20 µS (micro Siemens) to 20 mS (milli Siemens) full scale. It features three modes of operation, two for the measurement of solution conductivity in A.T.C. "On" or A.T.C. "Off" and one for Self Check. The Self Check function allows for verification of proper operation and the ability to adjust for cell constant variations. The conductivity measurement data is displayed on a 3½ digit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with floating decimal.

The Function switch selects Power Off, Automatic Temperature Compensation (A.T.C.) On, Off or Self Check. The A.T.C. is set at 2% per degree C (Celsius) at 25°C with reference at 25°C. The Model 2053 is designed to use a cell with a constant of between 9 and 11.

Model 2053 is an economical, dependable and easy to use basic conductivity meter designed for use in the field or laboratory. An optional Lab Stand with Cell Holder is available for bench top use. Made in USA.

Discontinued - No Longer Available


Range   Full Scale   Resolution   Accuracy @ 25°C ± 1 digit


  20.00 µS   .01   µS   .15% of full scale


  200.0 µS   .1     µS   .10% of full scale


  2.000 mS   .001 mS   .10% of full scale


  20.00 mS   .01   mS   .15% of full scale

Environmental Limits:
Temperature: 5 to 45 ° Celsius
Humidity: 5 to 90% (relative, non condensing)

Power Requirements:
Battery Type Battery Life: AC Adaptor included:
9 volt, Nickel Hydride* (rechargeable) 96 hours (average) 120 Volt

*A non-rechargeable Alkaline or Lithium battery can be used as replacement if desired.

Temperature Compensation: 5 to 45°C - all ranges with reference temperature of 25°C

Curve Trace Accuracy:

5°C   1.88 %/°C  


10°C   1.91 %/°C  


15°C   1.94 %/°C  


20°C   1.97 %/°C  


25°C   2.00 %/°C  


30°C   2.03 %/°C  


35°C   2.06 %/°C  


40°C   2.09 %/°C  


45°C   2.12 %/°C  


Display: Half inch high Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 3 ½ digit, dual slope A/D converter, 2000 digits full scale with floating decimal. Displays "1" for over-range. Display is updated approximately two times per second.
Cell Connector: Five (5) pin circular din
Case size: 7.5" L x 4" W x 1.12" H (plastic ABS enclosure, bone color)
Weight: 12 ounces (instrument only)
Conductivity Cells: 500 series (5 pin), Cell constant 10 cm-1.   *Order Cell separately
Optional Lab Stand: Part No. 6530 Lab Stand with Cell Holder (metal construction)
Warranty: Twelve months (1 year).  Cells have 90 day warranty.

Order info: The Model 2053 includes 9 Volt Nickel Hydride Battery, 115 V AC Adaptor, one pint 718 µS calibration solution, operation manual and one-year warranty. Note: Order Conductivity Cell and optional Lab Stand separately.

*Order 5 pin Cell separately.   Dip / Multi-purpose Cells

Download Manual

Design and specifications may be changed without notice.