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Model 3082 Multi-Function Conductivity Meter *


Model 3082 Multi-Function Conductivity Meter

  • Microprocessor Based Bench Top Meter with Auto Range
  • Measures Conductivity, Resistivity, Temperature & TDS
  • Measures Salinity and high purity water (Model 3082-S only)
  • Six Conductivity Ranges cover from .001 µS/cm to 330. mS/cm
  • Large Easy to Read 16 Character Dot Matrix LCD
  • All Measurement Parameters Easy to Set or use Preset Parameters
  • Optional RS-232 and Analog Recorder Output (Model 3082-S only)
  • Includes tilt Stand/handle and Cell Holder
  • Power Entry Module easy to change from 115 VAC to 230 VAC
  • Country of origin: US (Available with optional CE Mark for export to EU)


Dimensions: Case size 8" x 6.25" x 3.25" (excludes handle & cell holder)

Power Requirements: 105 to 125 V AC, 60 Hz or 210 to 250 V AC, 50 Hz Standard IEC 320 Appliance Connector, international safety recognized transformer & power entry module with removable US standard IEC 320 power cord set for ease of changing from 115 VAC to 230 VAC

Display: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Dot matrix .317" character height, 16 characters.
New backlight LCD available September 2015.

Conductivity Range:

Full Scale Resolution Accuracy (+/- 1 digit)
0 - 3.300 µS/cm .001 µS .3%
0 - 33.00 µS/cm .01 .2%
0 - 330.0 µS/cm .1 .1%
0 - 3.300 mS/cm .001 mS .1%
0 - 33.00 mS/cm .01 .2%
0 - 330.0 mS/cm .1 .3%
AUTO 0 - 330.0 mS/cm .001 µS to .1 mS  
Auto Ranging Up Range @ 3300
Down Range @ 300

Cell Drive Frequency: Six sine waves. Frequency from 33 Hz to 31 K Hz, amplitude and frequency is range dependent
Resistivity Range: 33.33 M ohms to 3.03 K ohms
(as a function of conductivity)
Temperature Range: 0.0°C to 70.0°C
(temperature displays to right of measurement)
Total Dissolved Solids: Display in Parts per Million (PPM) or Parts per Thousand (PPT)
(as a function of conductivity & the TDS multiplier)
Temperature Compensation: Automatic or Off when Temperature Coefficient is set at .00%
Parameters Preset to: Adjustable from:
Cell Constant 10.00 8.00 to 12.00
Reference Temperature 25.0°C 12.0 to 28.0°C
Temperature Coefficient 1.91% .00 to 12.50%
TDS Multiplier .625 .400 to 1.250
Salinity: 2.0 to 42.0
Reference Temperature
Temperature Range
Temperature Coefficient
Practical Salinity Units (SU)
Automatically set to "F"
Automatically set to 15°C
0.0 to 30.0°C
Function of algorithm
0.3% +/- 1 digit
H.P. Water Function:
High Purity Water (H.P. Water) Function displays conductivity from .055 micro Siemens to 3.300 micro Siemens. Temperature Coefficient is preset at 2% and is adjustable from 1% to 3%
RS 232 & Analog Output:                  
Two print modes - Auto & On Command
Auto print mode - prints measurement data
Command print mode - prints measurement data
or Parameters when in Self Test Function
Analog Recorder output of Conductance & Temperature
Download EC Meter Data Logging Program
Instrument Warranty: Twelve months (1 year) from date shipped
Conductivity Cells: *Order Cell separately, 800 series, (8 pin din connector)
Four wire cell with embedded thermistors,
Cell constant approximately 10 cm -1
(Au) cells are recommended for high purity solution below 2,000 µS
(Pt) cells may require occasional re-platinizing
Multi-Purpose Cells are combination Dip, Flow & Pipette

815 Conductivity Dip Cell (Au) with 48" cable
825 Conductivity Dip Cell (Pt) with 48" cable
835 Conductivity Multi-Purpose Cell (Au) with 48" cable
845 Conductivity Multi-Purpose Cell (Pt) with 48" cable
855 Conductivity Multi-Purpose Cell (Au) with 2 meter cable
865 Conductivity Multi-Purpose Cell (Pt) with 2 meter cable
858 Macro Flow Cell S/S* with 2m cable

829 Conductivity Micro Flow Cell** S/S* with one meter cable
*316 Stainless Steel Plates
**Cell constant 100 cm-1 (all readings must be multiplied by 10)
Optional Accessories: Model 8060 Function Verifier
Model 8061 Function Verifier
Model 8030 Cell Switch Box
Order information: General Price List
Model 3082-S includes: US Std. Power Cord, (2) 1/16 amp fuses (for changing to 230 VAC operation), analog recorder plug, and instruction manual (order conductivity cell separately).
CE Model 3082-S is also available in a CE marked version for export to the EU.  To order a CE marked version, please order with a –CE after the Model number.
Design Note: Design and specifications subject to change without notice.
Export Orders: Customer may need to supply Proper Approved Power Cordset for their specific Country.