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Model 3084 Multi-Function Conductivity Meter*


Model 3084 The Model 3084 is a bench top, line powered, microprocessor based five- function EC meter designed to precisely determine the conductivity of aqueous solutions. It covers six ranges (auto or manual) with a maximum full scale of 3300 counts. Measurement data is displayed on a two- line, twenty- character, back lit, dot matrix liquid crystal display.

The 3084 enclosure has a sloped splash proof front panel that features five keypads for choosing the Range, Function, Parameters and two set keys for selection of scale factors. The Parameter key is also used to save scale factors to memory.

Model 3084 is compact, easy-to-use and very user friendly.
The Function key selects Conductivity, Resistivity, Self-Test, High Purity (HP) Water, Salinity, or Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

The Parameter key enables the setting of scale factors for the Function chosen. Standardize (calibrate) to Cell K, Temperature Coefficient, Reference Temperature, TDS Multiplier and general parameters of RS-232 Transmit (manual or auto), Reset of Parameters and Auto Zero options.
Model 3084
Model 3084 The cell drive in the Model 3084 is a low distortion, amplitude stable sine wave. Frequency and amplitude are determined by range.

The display is a two line, twenty characters per line, backlit dot matrix liquid crystal display. Display example:

D 3.084 mS at 22.5°C
TC 1.91% REF 25.0°C

The Power Entry Module and the Power Transformer both are "VDE", "CSA" and "UL" approved. Model 3084 comes with easily attach and removable cell holder.

Operating Specifications:

Conductivity Range:
Manual and Auto Range from .001 micro Siemens/cm (µS/cm) to 330.0 milli Siemens/cm (mS/cm)

Range Full Scale Resolution Accuracy ± 1 count
A 0 – 3.300 micro Siemens/cm .001 micro Siemens 0.3%
B 0 – 33.00 micro Siemens/cm .01 0.2%
C 0 – 330.0 micro Siemens/cm .1 0.1%
D 0 – 3.300 milli Siemens/cm .001 milli Siemens 0.1%
E 0 – 33.00 milli Siemens/cm .01 0.2%
F 0 – 330.0 milli Siemens/cm .1 0.3%
Auto 0 – 330.0 milli Siemens/cm .001 µS to .1 mS  

Auto Range Up Range @ 3300 Down Range @ 300

Resistivity Range:
Manual and Auto range from 33.33 Meg ohms to 3.03 K ohms (as a function of conductivity)

Note: Resistivity is displayed in A, B, C and Auto Range only.

A 33.33 M ohm to 3.34 M ohm
3.333 M ohm to .303 M ohm
B 3.333 M ohm to .334 M ohm
333.3 K ohm to 30.3 K ohm
C 333.3 K ohm to 33.04 K ohm
33.33 K ohm to 3.03 K ohm
Auto 33.33 M ohm to 3.03 K ohm

High Purity (HP) Water:
Note: A gold (Au) plated Multi-purpose Conductivity Cell used in the flow configuration is recommended to measure high purity water.

HP Water
Range: .055 µS to 3.300 µS  (micro Siemens)
Temperature Coefficient: Adjustable from 1% to 3% (preset at 2%)
Reference Temperature: Automatically set to 25ºC
Accuracy: 0.3% ± 1 count

The Model 3084 displays Salinity in Practical Salinity Units (SU) at one atmosphere when the solution temperature is between 0 and 30°C

Range: Automatically set to “F”
Reference Temperature: Automatically set to 15ºC
Temperature Range: 0.0 to 30.0ºC
Temperature Coefficient: Function of Algorithm
Accuracy: 0.3% ± 1 count

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS):
Model 3084 automatically calculates the TDS from the conductivity reading by multiplying the preset factor [.625] or by the factor that the user enters using the Parameter and Set keys. Manual Range (A-F) and Auto Range displays TDS in Parts per Million (PPM) or Parts per Thousand (PPT) as a function of conductivity and the TDS multiplier. The TDS multiplier is adjustable from 40% to 90%.

Temperature Range and Accuracy:
Temperature displays next to the measurement on the display.
Range: 0.0ºC to 70.0ºC
Accuracy: ± .2ºC

Cell Constant: Adjustable from 8.00 to 12.00 Preset @ 10.00 cm
Reference Temperature: Adjustable from 15.0ºC to 35.0ºC Preset @ 25.0ºC
Temperature Coefficient: Adjustable from .00% to 9.99% Preset @ 1.91%
TDS Multiplier: Adjustable from .400 to .900 Preset @ .625

Note: When Temperature Coefficient (TC) is adjusted to .00%, the Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) is turned off.

Output Specifications: (Rear Panel)

Power Entry Module:
105 to 125 V AC, 60 Hz
210 to 250 V AC, 50 Hz

The instrument is shipped from the factory with a 115 V AC power requirement. An international safety recognized Power Entry Module (PEM) allows user to change voltage requirement from 115 V AC to 230 V AC if needed. A removable U.S. standard power cord with an IEC 320 appliance connector is included.

Cell Connector:
The cell connector is an 8-pin circular din connector. Model 3084 uses the 800 series, four wire Conductivity Cells which feature built in thermistors for temperature compensation and temperature display.

RS-232 Output:
The RS-232 output is a DB-9 pin connector. The RS-232 output can transmit data automatically or on command (manually) to a PC or serial printer (PC, printer and cable not supplied). For transmitting data to a PC, a software application “EC Meter Data Recorder” is available for free download.

Exterior Specifications:

Color: Off white (beige)
Material: ABS (UL 94 HB)
Size: 7.4” x 5.2” x 4.3” (L x W x H)

Note: Dimensions exclude built in Cell Holder.

Display Specifications:
Dot matrix, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Size: 2 lines x 20 characters each
Character Height: 5.55 mm per character
Backlight: LED backlit

Instrument Warranty:

Twelve months (1 year) from date shipped. See manual for warranty details.

Available Accessories:
Model 8060 Function Verifier, Model 8061 Function Verifier, Model 8030 Cell Switch Box, and Model 8501 Platinizing Station (for Pt cells).

Conductivity Cells:
*Order Cell separately, 800 series, (8 pin din connector), Four wire cell with embedded thermistors. Cell constant approximately 10 cm.1. Au cells recommended for high purity solution below 3,000 µS, Pt cells may require occasional re-platizing. Multi-Purpose cells are combination dip, flow or pipette Micro Flow cell has a cell constant of approximately 100 cm.1.
815 Conductivity Dip Cell (Au) with 48” cable
825 Conductivity Dip Cell (Pt) with 48” cable
835 Conductivity Multi-Purpose Cell (Au) with 48” cable
845 Conductivity Multi-Purpose Cell (Pt) with 48” cable
855 Conductivity Multi-Purpose Cell (Au) with 2 meter cable
865 Conductivity Multi-Purpose Cell (Pt) with 2 meter cable
858 Conductivity Macro Flow Cell S/S* with 2 meter cable
829 Conductivity Micro Flow Cell** S/S* with one meter cable
  * 316 Stainless Steel Plates
** Cell constant 100 cm (all readings must be multiplied by 10)

Order Information:
Model 3084 includes a removable power cord, (2) 1/16 amp fuses for changing to 230 V AC operation, cell holder, operating manual and one-year warranty. *Order Conductivity Cell separately.

For Prices: see General Price List

Design and specifications may be changed without notice.