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Model 4081 Conductivity Meter *

Discontinued – out of production

This microprocessor based meter measures conductivity, resistivity, salinity, TDS and temperature with just one cell. Automatic temperature compensation can be turned on or off and no separate probe is needed for temperature measurements. Easy push button calibration with menu prompts makes this meter extremely user friendly.

The Model 4081 Digital Conductivity Meter features a smooth splash proof front panel design with easy to use keypad controls. This battery powered portable meter is ideal for laboratory or field use. The T-style plastic case fits comfortably in the hand or snug in the optional lab stand for bench top use.
Model 4081 Conductivity Meter

The display is an easy to read sixteen character by two line liquid crystal dot matrix. The meter displays the temperature to the right of all measurements. Low battery message indicates when fresh battery is needed. Meter includes nine volt lithium battery which offers an average of 160 operating hours. Auto Off feature extends battery life and can be turned on or off by the user.

A variety of conductivity cells are available depending on application, order separately. An optional lab stand with cell holder and AC Adaptor (Part No. 6580) is available for bench top use, or a soft carry case (Part No. 6590) is available for field use. Made in the U.S.A.

Model 4081 Specifications

CASE: T-style plastic enclosure, W = 4.44/3.29" L = 8.52" H = 1.15/1.50"
Battery door on rear of instrument makes battery change easy
WEIGHT: 14.5 oz. Meter only, does not include accessories.
DISPLAY: Sixteen characters by two lines (16 x 2). Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). Super Twist (STN) Dot Matrix with character size of 2.95 x 3.80 mm.
POWER: Nine volt Lithium supplied. Battery Life >160 operating hours. Nine volt Alkaline Battery can be employed as a replacement battery if desired with a battery life >60 hours. User selectable "Auto Off" feature.


ACCURACY (+/- 1 digit)

  A 3.300 µS/cm .001 µS


  B 33.00 µS/cm .01


  C 330.0 µS/cm .1


  D 3.300 mS/cm .001 mS


  E 33.00 mS/cm .01


  F 330.0 mS/cm .1


  AUTO 330.0 mS/cm .001 µS to .1 mS

RESISTIVITY RANGE: 33.33 M ohms to 3.03 K ohms
(As a Function of Conductivity)
SELF CHECK: Allows user to verify cell constant setting, battery condition and will display "Auto off" if feature has been selected.
0.0°C to 70.0°C (Temperature will display to the right of measurements.)
Automatic or Off when Temp. Coefficient is set at .00%
PARAMETERS Preset to: Adjustable from:
Cell Constant 10.00 8.00 to 12.00
Temperature Coefficient 1.91% .00% to 12.00%
Reference Temperature 25.0° 15, 18, 20 or 25°C
TDS Multiplier .625 .400 to .900
2.0 TO 42.0 Practical Salinity Units
Range: Range automatically sets to "F"
Reference Temp: Automatically set to 15°C
Temperature Coef.: Function of algorithm
Temperature Range: 0.0°C to 30.0°C
Accuracy: 0.4% +/- 1 digit
Displays in Parts per Million (PPM) or Parts per Thousand (PPT) (as a function of conductivity & TDS multiplier)
ACCESSORIES: Lab Stand with Cell Holder & AC adaptor for bench top use. Order P/N 6580 - Lab stand with cell holder and 115 V AC adaptor.

Soft field carry case - Order Part No. 6590 see below.
Model 8060 and/or Model 8061 Function Verifier.
One year (12 months) parts and labor. See manual for details.
CONDUCTIVITY CELLS: *Order 8 pin Conductivity Cell separately. The 800 series, 8 pin, four wire cell features embedded thermistors for temperature sensing.  The connector is an 8 pin circular din and cable length varies depending on cell part number. A variety of conductivity cells are available depending on application. 
Dip / Multi-purpose CellMicro Flow Cell    Or   Macro Flow Cell
ORDER INFORMATION: Model 4081 includes (1) 9 volt lithium battery, one pint 718 µS calibration solution, manual and one year warranty.
Note:  Order 8 pin conductivity cell separately.

Soft Field Carry Case for Model 4081

This handsome and rugged field case was designed specifically for the Model 4081 to carry and protect the instrument when working out in the field. Made out of durable, high quality black cordura material, this case will hold the instrument, conductivity cell, and a spare 9 Volt battery. Features a strap for carrying or can be attached to your belt. Made in U.S.A. Order P/N 6590

Design and specifications may be changed without notice.

Prices:  See General Price List
Carry Case for Model 4081