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Model 4083 Multi-Function Conductivity Meter


Model 4083 Multi-Function Conductivity Meter
Model 4083 EC Meter shown with optional Alarm Box Model 4383 & Cell

  • 5 Measurement Functions, 6 Manual Ranges plus Auto Range
  • Measures Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, HP Water & Salinity
  • Six Conductivity Ranges cover from .001 µS to 330.0 mS
  • Backlit Liquid Crystal Display (2 lines x 20 characters per line)
  • Measurement parameters easy to set or use preset parameters
  • Audible Alarm Feature (optional Model 4383 Alarm Box required)
  • RS-232 output (DB-9 pin)
  • Push button Controls and easy to read front panel
  • Powered by 9 volt or 115 V AC adaptor
  • Non Volatile Memory. Parameter set points remain during power off.
  • OEM option for panel-mount application.
  • Country of origin: US; includes one year warranty.


Case: ABS (UL 94 HB) material, off white (bone) color
Dimensions: W = 7.8"  D = 5.9"  H= 1.5 / 2.4 " (excludes cell holder)
Power: 9 volt Ni-MH battery & AC adaptor included  (120 Volt)
Display: Dot matrix LCD, LED backlit, 2 lines x 20 characters per line
Ranges: 6 Manual (A – F) plus Auto Range
Conductivity Range: .001 micro Siemens / cm to 330.0 milli Siemens / cm
Resistivity Range: 33.33 Meg ohms to 3.03 K ohms (reciprocal of conductivity)
Total Dissolved Solids: PPM (parts per million) and PPT (parts per thousand)
High Purity Water Range: .055 micro Siemens to 3.30 micro Siemens
Salinity Range: 2.0 to 42.0 Salinity Units  (SU)
Temperature Range: 0.0 ºC to 70.0ºC (temp displays to right of measurement)
Temperature Compensation: Automatic (ATC) or Off when Temp. Coefficient  set to .00%
Cell Drive: Amplitude and Frequency is range dependent
Accuracy: 0.3% ± 1 count @ 25°C
Alarm feature: Set high & low limits or disable. Relay Max. 24 V, AC/DC, 100 mA
Audible Alarm: Optional Model 4383 Alarm Box required. 
RS-232 output: DB-9 pin connector.  Cable not included. Transmit to serial printer or PC.
PC Software: EC Meter Data Logging Software available for free download.
Memory: Non Volatile.  Parameter set points remain in memory during power off.
Cell Connector: 8 pin circular din.  Order Conductivity Cell separately.
Cell Constant: K = 10 cmˉ¹  (adjustable from 8 to 12 cmˉ¹)
Conductivity Cells: * Order Cell separately. Four wire, 800 series, 8-pin din connector.
Dip & Multi-purpose Cells
Micro Flow Cell
Macro Flow Cell
Cell Holder: Included.  Metal bracket construction for dip or multi-purpose cells.

Optional Accessories:

Model 4383
Audible Alarm Box
Model 8030 Cell Switch Box
Model 8061 Function Verifier
Model 8060 Function Verifier

Model 4083  
Model 4083 shown with optional Alarm Box and Dip Cell.

Model 4083 Rear Panel
Rear Panel: Cell connector, Remote Alarm connector, AC Adaptor and RS-232 (DB-9 pin)

Model 4083 includes: 9 volt Ni-MH battery, AC Adaptor (120 VAC), Cell holder, one pint 1,409 calibration solution and operating manual.

Also available:  Model 4083 -OEM
Model 4083-OEM Model 4083-OEM
Assembled Board Set for panel mount installation

Model 4083-OEM includes: a 2 piece assembled board set, 9 volt Ni-MH battery, 120 V AC Adaptor, and operating manual.

Design and Specifications may be changed without notice.

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