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Model 4383 Remote Alarm Box new


The new Model 4383 audible alarm box is designed to be used in conjunction with the Model 4083 multi-function conductivity instrument. The remote Alarm features a loud audible buzzer when the measurements fall under or over the user set limits.

This Alarm box requires no batteries. Simply plug alarm box into the Model 4083 Conductivity instrument with the cable provided.

The user easily enters the high and low limits into the Model 4083 Conductivity instrument using the friendly menu prompts and push buttons on the instrument. When conductivity readings fall under or above the set limits, a Red LED indicator will light and if the user desires, the loud audible alarm buzzer will sound.
Model 4383 Remote Alarm Box

Enclosure size: 4.6” x 2.7” x 1.3”
Buzzer (Alarm) Sound Pressure Level: 90 dB min. @ 12 V DC
Connector: 6 pin circular din
Cable (to connect to EC Meter) included: 1 meter (39”) Cat-5e type cable with one 6 pin plug at one end with an 8 pin terminal block plug on opposite end. Note: Longer cables available by special order.
Price and order information: See General Price List
Design Note: Design and specifications may change without notice.