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Model 8061 Function Verifier new


Model 8061 Function Verifier The Model 8061 Function Verifier is designed to be used in place of the conductivity cell to simulate conductivity ranges.
  • Validate the proper operation of the conductivity, conductance and temperature ranges
  • Easy to use and requires no batteries or line power
  • Can be used with Model 4083, 4081, 3084 or 3082 series Conductivity instruments.

Validate the calibration of your conductivity meter with this easy to use Function Verifier


Case: Bone color, ABS enclosure
Dimensions: 4.6” x 2.7” x 1.3”
Cable: One meter with 8 pin circular din (Male) connector
Conductance: 7 position switch for six ranges plus open
Temperature: 4 position switch for 15, 25 and 35 degrees C and No Temp.
Accuracy: +/- .1% and one count

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Note:  Specifications subject to change without notice.