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Model 8501 Platinizing Station new


The Model 8501 Platinizing Station is designed for Re-Platinizing (Pt) plated Conductivity cells.

The station features one cell connector for 5 pin and 8 pin (Pt) conductivity cells, a 3 position selector switch, and a red LED indicator.

Model 8501 includes an AC Adaptor, package of cotton tipped applicators for cleaning cells, a solution tube for platinizing solution (solution not included) and operating manual.
Model 8501 Platinizing Station
Model 8501 Platinizing Station
Model 8501 shown with a Dip Cell.

  • Any time a (Pt) cell is cleaned it should be re-platinized.
  • A well cared for cell will last much longer than a cell that receives no cleaning and maintenance.
  • A clean platinized cell is imperative for accurate measurements of high conductivity solutions.
  • This station is simple to use and takes less than a minute to re-platinize a cell.

Model # 8501 Platinizing Station, includes AC Adaptor (120 V), package of cotton tipped applicators, solution tube, and manual.

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