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Conductivity Micro Flow Cells

  • Conductivity micro flow cells feature 1.5" length stainless steel tubing on each end with an inside (ID) diameter of .040" and an outside (OD) diameter of .062". 
  • The body of the cell is constructed of black anodized aluminum. 
  • All micro flow cells feature a built-in Thermistor for temperature sensing.
  • Maximum recommended temperature is 50°C with a maximum pressure of 50 P.S.I.
  • Cable length is one meter (39") on each cell, longer cable lengths by special order only.
  • Available 5 pin, 6 pin, or 8 pin circular din connectors.
  • Micro Flow Cells have a cell constant (K) of 100. When using with an instrument designed to work with a K of 10, all displayed readings must be multiplied by 10.  
  • Micro flow cells include a 3 month (90 day) limited Warranty. 
  • Country of origin: US.
529 Micro Flow Cell
529 Micro Flow Cell (pictured)

Part No. Description: Connector: Cell K: Plates: Cable:
529* Micro Flow Cell 5 Pin Din K=100 cmˉ¹ S/S 1 meter
629* Micro Flow Cell 6 Pin Din K=100 cmˉ¹ S/S 1 meter
829 Micro Flow Cell 8 Pin Din K=100 cmˉ¹ S/S 1 meter

*No longer available. Fits Model instruments no longer in production.


Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.